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Studio B 

Welcome to our modern studio space, where innovation meets aesthetics. Featuring sleek designer furniture and a beautiful natural light flowing through a south-facing window, our studio sets the stage for creativity to flourish. Fuel your productivity with the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchenette and a private bathroom, ensuring seamless workflow during extensive productions.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Profoto and Amaran lighting gear, alongside a wide selection of seamless and fabric backdrops, our space offers the perfect canvas for photographers and videographers to unleash their artistic vision. 

Immerse yourself in a seamless creative experience at our studio, where we handle the logistics so you can focus solely on your artistic vision. With all Profoto lighting equipment included in the price, you have everything you need to bring your project to life.


On sunny days, our expansive south-facing window floods the room with natural sunlight, enhancing the atmosphere of your shoot. Enjoy the privacy and comfort of our studio, complete with a private bathroom and pantry stocked with a coffeemaker and fridge.


Designed with a clean-cut, minimalist aesthetic, our space features hardwood floors, ultra-high ceilings, and contemporary designer furniture. Every production need is catered to, with all necessary equipment readily available.


Take advantage of our extensive collection of backdrops, including approximately 32 different colors of seamless paper. Need a specific color? Just ask—we can provide it upon request. Plus, all backdrops are free to use as backgrounds, with the option to add seamless pulls for a nominal fee.


Our studio comfortably accommodates groups of up to 15 people, ensuring ample space for collaboration. Additional guests can be accommodated for an extra charge, easily added during the booking process.

  • Blue velvet Sofa

  • Purple Egg Chair

  • Red Philippe Stark Eros Swivel Chair

  • Blue acrylic Chair

  • White Finn Stone Ball Chair

  • White Leather Egg Chair 

  • Infinity Brass Mirror 32"X76"

  • Makeup station with vanity lights -

  • 2 Vanity chairs

  • Industrial Steamer

  • Clothing rack, 24 hangers

  • 1 folding step ladder

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • 2 White Apple boxes

Furniture and Other Equipment

  • 3 Profoto D2 500Ws Air TTL Monolight strobes

  • 2  amaran 300c RGB LED Monolights (Gray)

  • 2 x LED Continuous Video Lights

  • Profoto Air Remote TTL-C for Canon -Profoto Air Remote Transceiver

  • Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector (20.5")

  • Profoto 1/3 Stop Diffuser

  • Profoto 5' RFi Octa Softbox

  • Profoto 3' RFi Octa Softbox -Profoto RFi 2.0 x 2.0' Softbox

  • Profoto RFi 4.0 x 6.0' Softbox

  • Profoto RFi 1.0 x 4.0' Softbox

  • Profoto OCF II Gel Ring -Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit (12 x 12")

  • 2 amaran Light Dome Mini SE (22.8")

  • 2  (Black/White, 2-Pack) Poliboards

  • Angler CatchLight Reflector

  • Motorized Backdrop System With a Remote Control

  • Roller Stand with Low Base -Boom arm

  • 3 Kupo 40" C-Stand Turtle Base Kits

  • 2 20" C-Stand Turtle Base Kit

  • Different colored 107 inch Seamless Background Paper

  • Impact Saddle Sandbags

  • Tether tools cables

Lighting Equipment

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